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What is Vibradermabrasion?

The new Vibradermâ„¢ is a clinically designed and tested device employing a patent pending vibrading surface which removes the layer of dead tissue leaving the
skin feeling and looking healthier and more radiant without irritation and redness. Since there is no suction with the Vibraderm, the chance of facial vessel formation is also minimized. And, because of its revolutionary design, the Vibraderm is able to treat both small and large areas of the skin.

How does Vibradermabrasion work?

The Vibraderm uses patient specific paddles with that are designed for single patient use. Each patient purchases their own “Personal Vibraderm Kit” that includes a set of small and large stainless steel paddles with abrasive surfaces that will only be used on their skin. Therefore, no cross contamination issues exist. The paddle is placed in the headpiece and applied to the specific areas to be treated where the abrasive surface removes dead skin while the oscillation of the paddle stimulates new collagen and fibroblast growth in the dermis. This increase in collagen growth has the potential to improve the lasting effect and the significance of the epidermal change as a result of the treatment.

Each kit also comes with a white infusion paddle which can be used to infuse your favorite lotion or serum deep into the skin following the exfoliation treatment.

What are the advantages of Vibradermabrasion?

Patients have been asking for full body exfoliation for several years, but no system has offered a treatment of this magnitude without significant time limitations. The excessive times required for other types of treatments have made total body exfoliation impractical. However, the speed of the Vibraderm System makes treatment of small areas up to the full body practical.

Exfoliation with the Vibraderm has been proven to be comparable to other types of systems, and produces significant tone and texture improvement. “The Vibradermabrasion treatment causes less trauma to the epidermis and as a result creates less erythema (redness) and no edema (swelling) with comparable, and in some situations better results to other systems,” according to Brain Zelickson, M.D., who authored a recent study entitled: Vibradermabrasion – New Techniques for Exfoliation.

Vibradermabrasion treatments are very comfortable and produce consistent results. Over 85% of the patients treated in a recent study described the treatments as comfortable and effective.